As a part of our commitment to quality, we provide you with a 12-month warranty on manufacturing defects for all of our products.

If, in the unlikely event your item develops a manufacturing defect, we ask that you provide us with as much detail and documentation on the issue as possible so that we can assess and investigate the issue. We will then work with you to offer a suitable resolution.

Please provide us with:

  • Order ID/Number
  • Images of the product as well as close-ups of the damage/defect
  • Images of the condition of the box 
  • Description of how the defect developed/how the product was used

We will then take this information and work with our manufacturers to correct and improve the production of this item to prevent it from happening again in the future.

What is deemed to be a manufacturing fault?

Any clear mechanical component fault such as, but not limited to, hardware / internal frame of the item/gas lift on a chair.

Wear and tear / Cosmetic / Accidental Damage

Unfortunately, as with most consumable items, there is going to be some form of wear and tear as the item is used. We are happy to review any wear and tear concerns, but our discretion will be applied when reviewing these claims. In the instance where we identify that there is a manufacturing defect, we will automatically treat this as a manufacturing fault and will action it accordingly.

Any customer damage to an item, such as accidental or cosmetic, is not covered by our warranty. Upon delivery, we ask that our customers inspect the goods and inform us within 7 days from the delivery date of any concerns or transit damage.

For more information in regards to our warranty policy, please get in touch with via live chat or by emailing where one of our helpful team members will be able to assist you further.